‘Nature has all the Answers’

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I’ve been looking into a lot of current proposals and designs that take on similar concepts as the one I’m working on in my project. I have found very interesting information on Dickson Despommier’s website The Vertical Farm.

One of the questions which was made during my presentation last thursday was ‘What is the point of urban vertical farming?’ – and if anyone has doubts about this, then I think Despommier has all the right answers to why it’s very important that a reality as such starts becoming part of our urban lives.

And because I know you all love a reality check and an inspirational talk here is a link to Dickson Despommier’s TED talk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIdP00u2KRA

ADS1 at the RCA, run by Roberto Bottazzi and Alex Haw, is also designing Architecture that can integrate a culture and production of food into urban environments. The unit has very interesting information on the subject, as well as the students’ proposals, on their blog: http://naturoids.org/


Featured Image: Pasona (Urban Farm) Offices in Tokyo – for more information Click Here

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